R-181587 PhD in materials, Master and Bachelor in industrial biotechnology

PhD in materials, Master and Bachelor in industrial biotechnology

After a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, I won a scholarship for a PhD in “Models and Methods for Material and Environmental Sciences (M3ES)” at the Department of Chemistry in Modena. In these three years of doctorate I worked mainly in the electrochemical field for the development of materials and device in the sensoristic field.
Furthermore, before and during my doctorate I worked with a company specialized in R&D of chemical and electrochemical sensors for process control. This has allowed to increase my culture in the industrial field and to understand mentality, rhythms, deadlines or other business needs.
Currently I’m moving to Ticino in Riva San Vitale and I’m actively looking for a new professional opportunity that allows me to grow personally and professionally, taking full advantage from my creativity and the passion for my work.
In particular I look for a job in the research and development field, since I am an open-minded person, used to problem solving and teamwork.
Thanking you in advance for your attention, I invite you to contact me for a reply and I am available immediately for an interview. (CV disponibile)

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